Stars & Stripes

Stars and Stripes - 12 Historical Events

Transcontinental Railroad

Pony Express

Gold Rush

The British are Coming

Colonial Cow Toss

Race to Spell the Words

Steer Ropin'

Archery (students' favorite event)

School Spirit Field Days

                   Event Rules

1. There are stations
for up to 12 classes during
     a session that lasts about 75 minutes.

2. Each classroom teacher divides their class
    into 2 teams; a red & a blue They will compete
    at each station if their teacher wants them to
    keep score. Most just participate for fun.

3. The stations alternate with relays or targets.

4. All classes rotate to stations every 6-9 minutes.

5. There is appropriate music in the background.

6. Teachers are provided with a handout that
    includes a field map and historical descriptions
    of all the events.

7. Parent volunteers must be present to run the
    events. They shall arrive 30 minutes prior to
    the start to receive training. Their job is to
    simply explain the event and be the starter.
    There is no score keeping or determining the

8. The classroom teacher stays with their class
    and provides supervision and if they choose,
    they may keep score.

9. It is the children's responsibility to begin behind
    the starting line, perform the skill correctly, and
    return the equipment safely to the marked spot
    in front of the team. No child passes equipment
    to another child for safety reasons.
10. This Program is designed to meet NY State:
           Physical Ed. Standard 2.1, 2.2, 2.8   &
           Social Studies Standard 2

          Stars & Stripes

    This theme highlights
benchmark moments in American History from when the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock to the Westward Expansion across our great country.

Did you know that the British occupied Long Island for 8 years during the Revolution?

The Culper Spy ring had its home in Setauket: 1. A farmer, Abraham Woodhull
2. A courageous lady, Anna Strong
3. A tavern owner, Austin Roe
4. A young villager Caleb Brewster
5. A merchant --- Oyster Bay, Robert Townsend
managed to supply George Washington with   British secrets about where their troops were being sent.

The Culper Spy ring was so successful that their help to Washington greatly impacted the outcome of the Revolutionary War.

Washington was able to trick the British from sending 8,000 Redcoats to attack the French Fleet in Newport, Rhode Island in July of 1780.

There are many historic sites all around Long Island that are open to schools and families for visits.