Cooperative team work

Ring toss the elephant tusks

Poison Dart Frog Toss

Alligator toss

Pond fishing


      or    2-3-4 PLAYERS

     Blow the ball across.
let it fall off the tube.

This program incorporates science, math,
social studies, health & physical education,
art, and music State Standards.

 NY State PE Standard 1.3

Students will master manipulative skills

   Eye-hand Coordination

The first lesson begins with the students looking at a globe of the Earth to see where the Tropical Rain Forests are located around the Equator.

    National Core Math
        Standard # 1

Eye-hand with Addition.

Students are shown samples of products grown in the Rain Forests that we use in our homes on a daily basis. Fruits, coffee, tea, chocolate, rubber, spices and other essential products that we use to live.


NY State PE Standard 1.16

     Eye-hand with a ball

 Basic principal: skill analysis

Students learn how the Earth tilts as it circles the
Sun during the year to create the 4 seasons.

NY State PE Standard 2.12

Eye-Hand with fish pole

    Students will demonstrate responsible  personal and social behavior while engaged in activity with others.

There are over 400 different species of birds that live on or visit Long Island during migrations. Long Island provides many habitats for them to seek food, shelter, and places for them to raise their young baby birds.