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Olympic Winter Wonderland

Flame of Peace Opening Ceremony




Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Frosty Toss

Frosty Toss

Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing


 Opening Ceremony

Two students, a girl & boy are chosen by their PE Teacher to carry in Olympic Torches to the Olympic Theme Music

They hold up their battery operated torches to light the Flame of Peace which remains burning until the progam concludes.


 The Winter Games

          began in 1924
          in Chamonix, France

  Athletes from around the world
celebrated the      re-birth of the Modern Games in Athens in 1896.

The Ancient Summer Olympics began recording results in 776 B.C. They were originated by Greece

The Games were held every 4 years until they were canceled by the Romans in A.D. 394. The Greeks would stop all wars between their states during the Games. It was called the Truce of Zeus.


       Biathlon became an event.

   It involves cross country skiing and shooting with a rifle. In early times the Scandinavians used archery. We use foam arrows and targets that fall down when hit.

Ice Fishing is popular!

              But not an official event.

        And it is frowned upon to stand in the water!

        Always check with your parents to see if the ice is
                          thick enough to stand on!

              Each center requires 3 steps.

                1.  There is a starting place.
                2.  Complete the skill correctly.
                3.  Each child puts their toys away

                 when they finish their turn.
                  Step 3 is difficult for many children.

       Please catch your own fish,
     then return them to the water.


             Frosty Toss

        Frosty has 2 pails as targets

          Toss yarn balls in to score.

            Eye Hand Coordination

             1. Sharing
             2. Waiting for your turn
             3. Completing a skill.
             4. Gathering & returning 
                 equipment appropriately.

            Cross Country Skiing
               on safe foam skis.

            Each skier has their own
               technique and style.


            Use a shuffleboard stick
           to slide the ceramic disks
           onto the bulls eye (Home).