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Kids Math Zone

Math activities applied to a child's day of play

Measuring the Body

Calculating Magnetic Darts Scoring

Assembling Pizza Fractions

Manipulating Polygons

Building with Partners

Odd and Even Numbers

Measuring Weights

Using Measuring Tools

Comparing Fractions

All of the activities make connections to the daily play of children.
They learn why it is important to learn the math skills.

     Starting with a human skeleton and assembling the bones
correctly is a prelude to working with all shapes of polygons.

    This program supports      
         New York State
     Learning Standards
 Common Core Standards

                Toss magnetic darts

    Use a calculator to add score.


At his center 2 students each have
6 pizzas that are cut into different fractions. It is a race to assemble the
6 pies.


Students are identifying and     assembling numerous different size shapes as an introduction to geometry.

   Use concrete objects to represent   constructive ideas.

       Build with different shapes.

       Work by oneself or team up.

          Odd & Even

Each tin tub has numbers written around the top of the circumference.

The plastic colored clothes
pins have identical numbers.

Clip them on their numbers.

    Working with 5 weights.
Without a scale, place them in order from light to heavy.

     The 2 trays have math       problems written inside.

 The pails have the answer
Place them in.

            More tools

Assemble the skeleton, then lie down next to it. Have a partner use the tape measure to measure you and the skeleton.

A dozen assembled pizzas