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Healthy Lifestyles for Kids

The Heart Rate Monitor shows beats per minute,
Check before and after 30 seconds of exercise.

Assemble a human skeleton & learn bone names

Lifetime Activity with foam horse shoes

Identifying food groups


Healthy Lifestyles for Kids
addresses the NYS Student Wellness Policy. The gym is arranged with many Health and Sports Activity Centers for students to challenge their skills.

The Program begins with an introductory lesson that focuses on how children have the power to make healthy choices in their lives:

1. Bonding with friends for social interaction
2. Setting positive goals for academic success
3. Participating in worthwhile activities & hobbies
4. Engaging in a daily physical fitness program
5. Practicing good nutrition--fruits, veggies, grains
6. Rejecting smoking, drugs and alcohol
7. Avoiding bullying, hazing and gangs

          and Fitness


      Our bones have many roles:

1. A frame that holds the body together.

2. They support the body.

3. Provide protection for organs

4. Help us move, run, jump, throw

5. Grow to make us bigger.

      Sports Skills

 At this center students are placing foam
       horse shoes on mini catapults.

    Load, aim, shoot into a target!

  Sharing & Cheering on classmates


      Eat Healthy

    This challenge involves taking 2 baskets of vegetables and placing them in their food group.

           Compete 1 vs. 1 or by Teams