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  • All 8 Programs motivate and inspire students to learn academics thru movement. They incorporate all learning styles.
  • Each program employs touching & moving with hands on equipment at learning centers. Students move at will to all centers at their pace.
  • Students love the themes, they don't have to sit & remain quiet as other programs require. They are participants not spectators.
  • Over 700 Appearances in 70 Long Island Elementary Schools.
  • Staff members are experienced PE Teachers who Instruct in Local College's Teacher Preparation Programs.
  • We suggest easy scheduling during regular PE classes to prevent school disruptions, PE teachers across Long Island love that the programs are movement based and will want to remain and team teach. Please don't send them to a classroom.
  • In-door Fee: $650/1 Day or $500/Day for consecutive days,  $2,500/Week  (Gym evening activities must be canceled.)

5 Educational indoor gym themes:
Fall Harvest (Pre-K - K)
Rainforest (Pre-K - 5th Grade)
Olympic Winter Wonderland (Pre-K - 5th Grade)
Healthy Lifestyles for Kids (Pre-K - 5th Grade)
Kids Math Zone (Pre-K - 5th Grade)

We offer the only Professional School Spirit Field Days available.

     The EVENTS are historically tied to famous moments in time or they are activities that replicate events taught in Social Studies and History lessons. In most schools 2 sessions on the field will accommodate all K-5 classes.

Fee: $750 for 1 session/up to 12 classes, $1,500 - 2 sessions the same day.
     Grade levels can be mixed so as not to disrupt lunch schedules. The School Spirit Field Days are available during good weather in the Spring. Parent volunteers must be available to assist. They can be trained 30 minutes prior to event. Teachers receive a handout that gives explanation of the events along with a description of the historical significance. The Classroom teacher arranges 2 teams, red & blue to compete at each of the 12 stations.

3 Outdoor School Spirit Themes:
      (All have 12 stations, entire group rotates simultaneously to music cues.)
Summer Olympics   (K - 5th Grade)
Stars & Stripes        (K - 5th Grade)
Medieval Faire         (K - 5th Grade)

All Programs may be BOCES Funded and are approved programs.

Educational Programs by Jon, Katie & Sean Norberg
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   8 Exciting

That provide children with the opportunity to move & touch while learning.

     Age Appropriate
     Pre K-5th Grade


Integrated      Academics


    All Programs meet
    NASPE and NYS
       Standards for
   Physical Education